Speaker Biography

Alhussin Binsaleh

Founder of Mayaclinic, Saudi Arabia

Title: Current technology and social media play a big role in modern life

Alhussin Binsaleh


Current technology and social media play a big role in modern life. Also, people are getting more involved with their health information. Where medical advices should meet social legal requirement with the respect to patient rights and needs. Current healthcare systems are overloaded with increasing flow of patients. In case of chronic patients or in time of seasonal infections or operating simple surgical procedures, the doctors and the assistant team can be faced with huge number of patients and they have to spend log time in clinic to serve them.We provide a professional Medical Social Media, our network doctors have their own cloud clinic an advanced tele-medicine system based on lightweight set of medical devices connected to a mobile based application to connect the patient and doctor or doctor to hospital were all medical measures are available to the remote doctor for efficient medical support. A layout of social media platforms and its daily use will help to change the lifestyle of the patient and that will reflect on the public health.  Our solution is more than mobile based appointment and Video/Audio communication system. It collects patient data from the devices to the mobile App and from that to our cloud-based IT system. Integration of Telemedicine Hardware and Software Components will definitely lead to a better telemedicine practice when the data can be shared with the doctor in real time at any time. The system powered by artificial intelligent to analyzes the medical data (bio-test, visits reports, genetic testing), activities and raises certain alarms when certain abnormalities accrue. We believe our application will change the way medicine is practiced as well as adding a great trustful resource of getting medical advices or real time consultations. It will bring advances in IT, mobile computing, body sensors, and cloud computing to the medical practice and will create a new form of electronic health records and more effective deliverance of healthcare services. All this is integrated in a professional social media platform, which will create an impact on the public health after the remarkable lifestyle change of the society with an equal opportunity of treatment and healthcare to everyone with an Internet connection. Thus, easy healthcare access will help people to manage both illness and health.