Speaker Biography

Korolev Petr Mikhailovich

Studia Korolevae International, Russia

Title: On the core theory of process interactions and cohesion as its integral effect

Korolev Petr Mikhailovich

Prof. Petr Mikhailovich Korolev (PMK) is a President of Studia Korolevae Int. Kudymkar Russia. PMK has 45 years of research, teaching and administrative experiences. He has taught Mathematics, Philosophy, Debating, Computer science and Methodology. PMK lectured at Turku, Finland; Tartu, Estonia; Hesbjerg, Denmark; Odessa, Ukraine; Aktubinsk, Kasakhstan; Minsk, Belarus; Cloverdale, AL, USA, and other places. Universities of Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Belgorod, Perm, Izhevsk, Odense, and Kudymkar (Udmurt state University) were the PMK workplaces (research). PhD on radiophisics, DSc on System Methodology.PMK took part in different research projects: quantum chemistry 1976, quantum radiophysics 1977; applied pedagogics 1979-1986; descrete mathematics and mathematical statistics 1980-1985; philosophy of P.A.Florensky 1984-1988; ethnology 1995-2008; sociology and philosophy of science 2003-2017; and others. PMK is a member of Editorial Boards, Scientific committees and Advisory councils in several International Journals, Assotiations, Societies and Institutions. Member of WFSF, advisor at American Biographical Institute, stakeholder at World GMN, member of Strategical Initiative agency (Leader ID), Russia, active member of Moscow methodology circle (movement). Doctor honoris causa at Hesbjerg peace reseacrh colledge, DK.


The aim of the work is to develop the core theory of interaction of the processes, such as problematization, schematization, objectification, positioning. These processes are the constructs of the technology of organization and management of thought processes. As a focus, we chose what makes the group holistic and cohesive. Taking as a basis the experience of discussing these processes and their interactions, the authors develop two versions of the theory, introducing methods of combinatorics and discrete mathematics into the constructive field. The metric basis of the core theory of interaction leading to cohesion is constructed, hypotheses of symmetry of processes are put forward, laws of interaction are offered. In the article, research restrictions related to the enneadic metric are adopted, the method of analogy with the core theory of modern physics of F.Wilczek is used. An application is presented in the form of a game with representatives of the value categories that make up the corporate philosophy of Bio Informatics. The results of the article are of practical use in the development of the microbiology The proposed theory can be applied to the development of an optimal set of tools for gene ontology, taking such tools as AMIGO, OBO-EDIT as the analyzed material. Game simulation and modelling can also be improved by applying cohesion theory. An analysis of the quantitative understanding of the biological system, as well as the possibility of predicting systemic features that are the goal of system biology, and the field of its application, related to the consideration of nonlinearity, may also include a theory of cohesion. In pharmaceuticals and the development of drugs in terms of their effects on the body, the effect of cohesion is importanThe architecture of the core theory is original, the theory is important for programming and controlling life processes.