Speaker Biography

A. Pavlenko

Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine

Title: Possible ways to neutralize biopathogenic radiation.

A. Pavlenko

A. Pavlenko has completed his PhD at the age of 37 years from Sevastopol Polytechnical Institute. He is the director of “Spinor International”, Head of the Laboratory of the   Electron Devices chair at Kiev Polytechnical Institute. i has published more than 50 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as Member of the editorial boards of a scientific periodical: Ukrainian Journal   Physical vacuum and Nature.


Techno pathogenic effect - a set of factors and processes that have any kind of negative effect or impact on living organisms resulting from scientific and technological progress of mankind.This is a summary of ideas and methods for protecting the public from the negative impact of electronic technology. While conducting research, the author tried to clearly define the prevailing negative impact on living of torsion fields (TF) in comparison with electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields warm the tissues of a person using all sorts of gadgets, while torsion fields affect the gene level. Much attention is paid to the technology of protection from  torsion fields.American biologists drew attention to this phenomenon, calling such radiation "nonclassical electromagnetic radiation". The specific absorption rate (SAR) is considered as an official standard for measuring the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones on human brains.However, the biologists do not consider SAR measurements as an accurate representation of mobile phone EMR effects on the human brain in real life. As an alternative of SAR the increasing number of scientists uses the biological systems for evaluation of harmful effects of mobile phone EMR. In the above-mentioned works the positive moment is a reference to "non-classical" electromagnetic fields though their physical nature has not been disclosed. In our opinion the "non-classical" electromagnetic fields are torsion fieldsWe need to convey to people the truth about the impact of electronic technology on the living.