Genomic Mapping

Mapping is the process of visualizing relationship between the different concepts. In bioinformatics mapping involved in different ways like gene mapping, physical mapping, genome Sequencing. Genome mapping based studies used to construct the maps that showing the position of the genes. Physical mapping mainly used in molecular biology used to examine the DNA molecules and construct the map showing the position of genes and sequencing features. Genome sequencing shows in the process of shot gun sequencing technique used to characterize each fragment and put each fragment into together. Top Down approach is the type of physical mapping was conducted exclusively by using the fingerprinting approach. Physical mapping consists of overlapping large insert clones was first constructed and carefully checked. After constructed the large insert clones the set of mapped clones was chosen that covers the genome with minimum overlap. Then chosen genome was sequenced segment by segment in orderly manner. Bottom up approach exclusively start with whole genome shot gun sequencing and assembling data from sequencing contigs. Mapping strategies used to find the arrangements of contigs in genome.

  • Track 1-1 Bottom up Approach
  • Track 2-2 Top Down Approach
  • Track 3-3 Genome Sequencing

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