Health Informatics

Health Informatics shows information on science, computer science and health care. Health Informatics shows innovative studies on Design, Development, Adoption and application of IT-based Innovations in health care services management and services. Health Informatics mainly include in various fields in Bioinformatics like translational bioinformatics, research informatics, clinical informatics, consumer health informatics and public health informatics. Consumer health informatics mainly focussed on the health literacy and consumer education. Consumer health informatics mainly shows interest in the areas of nursing informatics, public health promotion, health education, library science and communication science. Public health informatics mainly contain information in the areas of public health that including in reporting and health promotion. Public health informatics mainly concerned with the groups rather than individual.

  • Track 1-1 Development of Health Care Services
  • Track 2-2 Management
  • Track 3-3 Consumer Health Informatics
  • Track 4-4 Public Health Informatics

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